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Do you know that there over one million people in UK who doesn't have access to a bank account? The reasons behind it are varied but one that's been cited as the ultimate hindrance is bad credit. When your credit rating has been tainted by delayed payments or non-payment, it usually means unfavorable responses from banks, lenders and related companies in the finance industry.
With more people acquiring poor credit scores, the number of people without bank accounts is projected to skyrocket in the coming years. To provide an ideal solution to the problem, several banks in UK, fortunately, decided to meet the need for bad credit bank accounts.
If you among the thousands of people with bad credit who needs a bank account, you came to the right place. Whatever your reason for a bank account is, Hazy Finance is here to help you get one.

Who We Are

Hazy Finance was established for the purpose of providing insider tips and guidelines on credit, bank accounts and related concerns. We are comprised of a team of specialists, researchers and regular folks who have an extensive experience and knowledge on the aforementioned subjects.
Within the pages of our website, you will find a rich collection of information which has already helped thousands of people to overcome the consequences of bad credit and open bank accounts.

What We Do

Banking on our collective expertise, we specialize in helping thousands of people open bank accounts despite bad credit. We do it through regular posting of guidelines, updates and tips so you can make informed and practical decisions when it comes to applying for a bad credit bank account.
In addition to sharing our expertise, we aim to help further by partnering with important players in the industry. For instance, we have struck vital partnerships with loan and mobile contract providers to help our readers avail of personal loans and bad credit mobile phones easily and quickly.

Why Basic Bank Accounts

To be refused a regular bank account in the UK is a nightmare especially in this day and age when online shopping is becoming a norm. Without a bank account, you cannot complete purchases online. This is where basic bank accounts come to the picture.
A basic bank account is just like regular bank accounts only that it comes with a few drawbacks. As its name suggests, it is a basic account where you can keep your money but it doesn't have the same overdraft and in-credit privileges.
The account type is basically a solution for people with poor credit scores who are struggling with getting approved for regular accounts and you can know more about basic bank accounts at Money Saving Expert.

What You Need

To open a basic bank account, the requirements are not as lengthy as what you'll need for other bank accounts. First, you'll have to be of legal age and a resident of UK. Then you need to provide required documents to prove identification and employment.
Some of the few documents that you may need to prepare to get approved include a copy of your passport, driver's license, HMRC tax or Assessment letter. Other banks offering bad credit bank accounts may also require additional documents which you'll need to clear up with the bank of your choice. Anyhow, the requirements are pretty basic and straightforward. If you have them, you should have your application approved in no time at all.

Improve Your Credit Rating

Aside from helping people open bank accounts that are appropriate for their situation, we also go the extra mile offering guidance to anyone who wants to improve their credit rating. As you browse through our website's pages, you should find smart guidelines to revamping poor credit scores. Feel free to take our advice and recommendations so you can finally
To begin with your improve credit rating project, you might want to start off by understanding what credit rating is. Just click here to have a better idea of how it works.